You just have to walk in a random cafe and you’ll see them right away: pinball boxes. Often you see people ramming the buttons on the sides to keep the ball in control and breaking the top score. This is called you flip.
What is flipping?
Flipping is a game you play on a pinball box. This is an elongated cabinet that slopes upwards. Often on the right is a lever that lets you launch a ball. In the pinball box are all kinds of obstacles and special holes and jobs where you can get the ball.This is done by means of two flippers located at the bottom of the pinball box. These can be controlled with two buttons on the side of the pinball box. Between the two flippers there is a space where the ball can be between. If this happens you lost the ball. When you finish all the balls, the game ends.
The target
You sometimes see people rushing on a pinball box for hours after a while with one goal: getting the top score. But today, pinball boxes have more goals. This differs by pinball, but an additional goal may be to keep multiple balls in play for a certain amount of time or to shoot the ball in certain holes and jobs before the time is over.
Pinball box
Flipping happens on a pinball box. There are thousands of different types of pinball boxes each with their own designs and goals. You can never say that every pinball is the same. The principle is often the same. You have two flippers at the bottom that you control with the buttons on the side of the pinball box.

Nowadays many cabinets have additional flippers halfway through or at the top. These are also controlled with the side buttons so you do not have to worry about it.
Rules of the game

The pinch was ever thought of as a game with rules of the game. There are certain goals that you need to get in the right order to make combinations and collect as many points as possible. In practice, almost nobody knows the rules of the game and it’s more a matter of as hard as possible with the flippers to hit the ball.

This ensures that the ball stays in the game and with some luck you will also get special goals so that you collect a lot of points.

Almost all the pinball boxes are well-groomed. They make sounds when you hit certain goals or hit certain objects with the ball. Also the ramming on the buttons of the flippers makes a lot of noise. That’s why pinball cabinets are often in isolated spaces so other people do not suffer from the pinball noise.

Flipping in a cafe or bar costs money. You have to throw one or two Euro in the pinball box and you often have three balls at your disposal. However, the game is very addictive because you want to break the top score per s. Therefore, be careful not to get addicted and throw all your money in the pinball box. There are more important things in life than flipping!

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